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History of Fossils band and Download songs of their first album 'FOSSILS'

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The band 'Fossils' was assembled through the efforts of Rupam Islam. Rupam was a struggling solo artist, he searches for like-minded individuals and eventually succeeded in gathering a tentative lineup in 1998.

This group started to call themselves Fossils after a suggestion their guitarist Deep. A line from one of Rupam's lyrics inspired this name, The line is- "Khoro aamar fossil, onubhutir michhil protikriashil kono biplobe"

During their intial first few shows, audience reaction to the band's music was not encouraging.

But later on the members felt they were initiating towards success under the pressure of social disapproval of their music and their belief that they would be fossilized into History only to be excavated decades later by researchers wishing to discover the roots of Bangla rock.

The line up in their initial stage- Rupam (vocals), Chandra (bass), Allan (guitar), Stephen (drums), Indra (keyboards), and Parikhshit (manager) as the members.

Fossils: 2000 - 2003

Several changes were made in the band line up.

In 2000, the band used to record a demo version of their tracks but they faced rejection several times from different record houses.

In 2001, the guitarist Allan left the band for a corporate career and former members Teno and Deep re-joined in place of Allan.

Finally they entered into a contract with Asha Audio and by the end of the same year, they began recording for the band's first album. As Allan was not there in the band some of the guitar tracks for this album had to be lifted from the demo version. The name of the album was entitled Fossils and released in the year 2002. It was not a success in the initial stage but the album's popularity has only increased with time.

Teno left the band in 2002 and Partha joined in.

In 2003, Andre joined as part-time drummer till Bubun came in to join as the drummer Stephen had to be shifted to a Rehab clinic.

By this time, the band was liked by the audience, most of which were youths.

Songs of the album 'Fossils'
(click on the song to download)

Aaro aekbaar
Aekla Ghar
Bishakto Manush
Daekho Manoshi

Amazing songs
enjoy it..!!
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